The Robert Malkovsky II Memorial Scholarship Fund


The Robert Malkovsky II Memorial Fund

Creating a permanent scholarship is no small task and the funding required to maintain that gift into perpetuity can be
significant. While the numbers may seem daunting, we believe that the breadth and depth of Mr. Mal’s legacy is more than enough to make it work.  For 40 years, Mr. Mal dedicated his life to teaching and we were fortunate enough to enjoy his boundless energy right up to the end of his life. News of his death spread quickly throughout the community, and the outpouring of emotion that followed rmal2was indicative of the lasting impression he left on many of us. Mr. Mal was an incomparable educator, mentor, confidant, and friend. His energy and spirit pervaded everything he did in and out of the classroom. Many of us were inspired and encourage to enter the sciences thanks to his guidance, while many more came to a better understanding of physics thanks to his tireless effort, creativity, and artistry. Though we mourn his passing, we may also celebrate his life and count ourselves better off for having known him.
Donations:  All donations will be tax deductible through The Delaware County Community Foundation (EIN: 61-1419515), a (501 (c)(3)) organization, via a fund named “The Robert Malkovsky II Memorial Fund.”
 To donate via check please send to:
The Robert Malkovsky II Memorial Fund c/o DCCF, 102 Chesley Dr., Suite 1A, Media, PA  19063
Remember to ask your employer if they will match your donation!
Where to Get Information: Official Mal Memorial Fund Site:
Award Criteria:
  • Nominee must be a senior preparing to graduate from Penncrest High School.
  • Nominee must be admitted to a four-year college or university in the academic year following his/her graduation date from Penncrest High School.
  • At that college or university, the nominee must be majoring in a qualified field of science, technology, engineering or mathematics. (Qualification of the nominee’s major is at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee and Donor Board).
  • Nominee must have displayed significant proficiency within the science department curriculum at Penncrest High School.
  • Nominee must have a history of contribution(s) to extracurricular activities within the science department, including but not limited to Envirothon, Physics Olympics, or Science Olympiad.
  • Nominee must have a history of contribution(s) to society through volunteer activities such as participation in societies, social programs, clubs, or other recognized service organizations, or extracurricular activities such as athletics or the performing arts.
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Founding Contributors:
Jonathan Miniman (1997)
Joshua Solan (1998)Fund Advisor
Bill Kane (1997)Scholarship Selection Committee
The Malkovsky Family
Jim Ciccarelli
Anthony LombardoAll scholarships will be awarded through Penncrest High School.

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