Making a Difference — Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

The Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CBVI) has been helping the people of Delaware County and the surrounding counties deal with the impact of vision impairment since the early 1940’s. We provide prevention, diagnosis, rehabilitation, social services, socialization, transportation and employment for children and adults who are dealing with vision loss.

We are located in Chester, Pa., right next to Crozer Chester Medical Center. We are so proud to be a provider for the Veterans Administration. We see more than a dozen Vets each month. Helping them get their confidence back in their ability to navigate, socialize, read, communicate and seek employment is truly an honor.

Our IDEAL Program for teenagers is a residential four-week experience that we provide every summer. Over this four-week period, the kids get and sharpen skills that enable them to compete in the worlds of work and/or higher education. The staff and teens form strong bonds that enable everyone to learn and grow. The services run the gamut from computer access, to learning to use a cane, to learning to use all forms of public transportation. We serve about 12 to 15 teens each year.

We are so proud to have one of the best computer access technology programs in the state. Kim Graham leads this facet of connecting the blind and visually impaired with the vast world of the internet and associated technology. Along with a great group of both sighted and blind instructors, she gives folks the power to interact and compete in a world that changes with every heartbeat.

We contract with Keystone Independent Management to develop and manage our businesses that employ blind and visually impaired folks in a variety of jobs. From janitorial, to clerical, to light industry, we offer employment, independence and a sense of contributing to more than 100 people. In fact, with our partners from Keystone, we house a toilet paper factory in our Chester facility that supplies the State Department of Corrections with this product.

We have had our ups and downs financially. We have received and continue to receive bequests that help us pay for the services we provide. After a very difficult time, the Board had to take a good look at how and where we were investing CBVI’s assets. We wanted to make sure our funds were safe, and the same time benefitting our community. The Delaware County Foundation provides safety, good returns, and helps the community – all in one package. Our Administrative Director, Mary Sue Boyle and the Board have confidence our assets are in good hands and that we will be able to continue to use these assets to support our clients.

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