DCCF works with individuals, families, nonprofits and businesses to establish or support funds with charitable intents. Charitable funds can be in several forms including:

Designated Funds — Donors can designate one or more named charities or causes  to support in perpetuity. This option makes sense when a donor would prefer to make consistent recurring gifts to one or more specific charities over time or when there are concerns about a charity’s long-term viability or ability to manage a single large gift.

Donor Advised Funds — Donors can establish funds to support charities at their own discretion and at their own pace. Funds can be established as permanent legacies with named successor advisors, thereby encouraging another generation of engaged philanthropists.

Field of Interest Funds — Donors can start new or support existing funds in defined area of interest. Field of Interest Funds can have broad areas of focus, such as “education or “the arts,” or can have a narrower mission. DCCF currently administers grants from its Hope for Children Fund, which supports organizations that help abused and neglected children in Delaware County and the Home Health Care Fund supports organizations that provide home health care services to Delaware County residents. Both grants are awarded through a competitive grant application process.

Nonprofit Endowment Funds — DCCF has the expertise to help other nonprofits and educational institutions manage and grow their endowments, further strengthening the nonprofit sector in Delaware County.

Scholarship Funds — Individuals, organizations, businesses, and groups (i.e. school or college alumni groups), can open scholarships funds based on unique criteria. DCCF can administer the scholarship selection and distribution process, or work with donor advisors to identify an appropriate process. Scholarships can also be established as a memorial in honor of someone such as a family member, friend or teacher.

Unrestricted Funds — As a locally focused organization with a broad view of the community, contributing to DCCF for unrestricted purposes allows us to meet the most pressing local needs as they change over time.




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