Investment Management
Investment Philosophy and Performance

The Delaware County Community Foundation functions both as a fiduciary and a charitable organization.  The Foundation has the responsibility to manage assets in a manner that will ensure sufficient resources to meet community needs in the future.  View the Foundation’s investment policy statements for:

Endowed Funds: DCCF Invest Policy Stmt Endowed Funds as of 9-4-13

Non-Endowed Funds: DCCF Invest Policy Stmt Non-Endowed Funds as of 9-4-13

The Foundation’s investment goals can be summarized as follows:

  1. To obtain competitive rates of investment return in a manner that is consistent with the time horizon of a donor advisor’s projected grant making recommendations.
  2. To create a diversified portfolio reducing risk and increasing the probability of meeting or exceeding the return objective over varying economic market cycles.
  3. To establish an asset allocation model that will achieve the Foundation’s long–term spending policy objectives.
  4. To provide sufficient liquidity to meet distribution requirements.

The Board of Directors has approved medium and long-term investment pools for endowment funds.  Non–endowment funds may only be invested in the short term and medium term pools.  For each pool, the Board has also adopted target allocation amounts which reflect the percentage of each asset class that should be included in a particular investment pool.  The Board has also adopted target ranges which reflect the maximum and minimum percentage of the pool that an asset class should comprise.

Currently, the investment pools consist of primarily passive, indexed funds offered through the Vanguard Group including the Prime Money Market, Intermediate Term Investment Grade, Short Term Bond Index, Dividend Growth, 500 Index, Small Cap Index and International Stock Index funds.

Investment Returns Summary

Financial Reports: (See our listing under GuideStar for more information)

  • 2015 Tax Return (990)
  • 2014 Tax Return (990)
  • 2014 Tax Return (990)
  • 2014 Tax Return (990)
  • 2013 Tax Return (990)
  • 2012 Tax Return (990)
  • 2011 Tax Return (990)
  • 2010 Tax Return (990)

Organizational Documents:


501c3 final

Grant Recommendation Form

2012 BCO-10 (Charitable Organization Registration Statement)

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