The DCCF Gala is our biggest event of the year, where we honor  local philanthropists with the prestigious Gary Papa Leadership in Philanthropy Award.  Each year, hundreds of DCCF supporters join us for a night of cocktails, dancing and exciting auction action!

Award Recipients

2015 — Francis J. (Frank) Leto

2013 – Mr. Anthony and Dr. Rosalie M. Mirenda

2012 – Claude and Joyce de Botton

2011 – Marla Green Didio

2010 – Joseph DelRaso Esq.

2009- Dorris Buffett & John C. Haas

2008- Gary Papa & Thomas A. Bruder Jr.

2007- Ethel Sargent Clarke Memorial Fund


About the Gary Papa Leadership in Philanthropy award:

Gary Papa, a native of Buffalo, NY. spent 28 years as the face of Action News DCCF_3313Sports before he lost his battle with prostate cancer in 2009.  Gary was a quiet, behind the scenes, leader in volunteerism and giving for many different organizations.  He was most passionate  about youth sports and wounded veterans, but inspiring others to give their time and treasure was the sign that he was a truly great philanthropist.  He knew that  he could only do so much, but by helping to create more “givers”, we ALL would gain.  As one of the most generous and caring residents Delaware County has ever seen, and in 2010, the DCCF Board of Directors felt it appropriate to rename our most prestigious award after Gary Papa.

The Gary Papa Leadership in Philanthropy Award in 2010 is bestowed upon only the most worthy individuals, couples, families or businesses who  exemplify Gary Papa’s quality and sustained passion for giving and volunteerism. Honorees exhibit qualities of a leader and inspire others to commit to helping others while being an example of what we should all strive to be in helping those who are less fortunate in so many ways.

If you would like to submit a nomination for the Gary Papa Leadership in Philanthropy Award, please email: Info@DelcoCf.org



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