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Every day, professional advisors develop options that address the unique demands of their client’s circumstances, including those situations with philanthropic aspects:

* A client has just earned a large bonus. He wants to give back to the Delaware County community where he and his wife were raise, but they have neither the time nor the expertise to identify and select deserving charities.

* Another client may be thinking about creating a family foundation but she is looking for a simple, more cost effective alternative. DCCF can help with these and countless other similar situations.

* A Delaware County family with whom you are working has a substantial foundation that must distribute 5% to charity before the end of the year, but the family will simply not be able to meet, much less make thoughtful choices.

 As a professional advisor, you have an opportunity to help your clients achieve their philanthropic goals. By integrating philanthropy with financial and estate planning, you can ensure that your clients are receiving the full benefits of their contributions while supporting the charities of their choice. You don’t need to be an expert in charitable giving, the DCCF can be a resource for you and a philanthropic partner for your clients.

Attorneys, financial and estate planners, CPAs and other professionals can utilize DCCF to broaden the charitable giving options of their clients.

A charitable fund, or a giving plan to an existing effort at the DCCF, provides your clients with an easy and flexible way to accomplish their charitable objectives, while maximizing their tax considerations. With a fund at DCCF, your clients can support a wide range of their favorite charities locally, even nationally. With so many options available to accommodate your clients’ situations, DCCF’s professional staff can help you and your clients design a fund to meet their distinct goals, whether through a Field of Interest Fund, a Donor-Advised Fund, a Scholarship Fund, a Memorial Fund, or some other form of charitable legacy.

Establishing a fund can be done quickly and easily. DCCF’s staff takes care of all the administrative and grant-making activities, eliminating the need for your clients to set up a separate organization, formulate policies, file innumerable forms, accept proposals, distribute grants, and monitor the status of grant recipients.

One of the primary benefits of investing in DCCF is that we can save you and your client precious time and money. We also understand how to help you communicate the benefits of a particular giving strategy so your clients make well-informed decisions about the best way to achieve their financial and charitable goals.

Our goal is to help you find the giving vehicle that best meets your clients’ needs.

Please contact DCCF at (610) 461-65741 or to request additional information.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you!

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