Organizational History

The Delaware County Community Foundation (DCCF) was founded in 2002 by a group of Delaware County leaders who understood the need for encouraging community-focused philanthropy in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and were dedicated to generating broad financial resources to support and enhance the quality of life for those who live and work in Delaware County. In 2005 DCCF became an active public 501(c)(3) community foundation.

Delaware County Community Foundation (DCCF) works closely with professional advisors, individuals, families, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and other foundations in creating funds that facilitate their philanthropic giving.  To date, DCCF has received over $2.6 million, currently has over $ 1.4 million in assets under management, and has awarded more than $1.2 million in grants to needy non-profit organizations. DCCF grants have two primary sources: general funds held or administered by DCCF; and Donor Advised Funds (DAF) held at DCCF. The general grants currently distributed through DCCF are Home Health Care grants and Hope for Children grants.

Overall, 78% of DCCF grants have gone to some segment of Human Services: General services 9.8%; Youth 8.9%; Health 14.3%; and Sunshine 44.6%. Grants given for other areas include: Arts/Culture 3.57%; Education 7.1%; Children/Families .1%; Memorials 1%; Community Development 2.67%; Community Philanthropy 2.67%; and Youth 4.46%. Over 50% of all grants given through DCCF are provided through Donor Advised Funds, created by individuals, families, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other foundations to conduct their charitable giving.

Vision Statement: The Delaware County Community Foundation is the catalyst and trusted agent for philanthropy, serving our community- today and forever.

Mission Statement: To encourage local philanthropy by assisting donors with their charitable objectives through lasting legacies that improve the quality of life for residents of Delaware County.

Values Statement: We have the duty to properly steward all donations that are received by the Foundation. We are responsive to the needs of the donor while upholding the values of the Foundation.

We believe…

  • In promoting and serving our community.
  • In educating the community and inspiring philanthropy.
  • In being open and honest with the community, donors, foundation grantees and ourselves.
  • That communicating our values to the public is an important part of our organization and its service to the community.
  • That it is vital to the community we serve to have long-term stability and remain a constant in the community.

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