Gwendolyn A. Smith, RN, CCRN, MBA, MSM – DCCF Advisor

Gwen Smith was appointed President of Springfield Hospital in April 2007.  She is responsible for all management services of this healthcare facility as well as responsible for the direction of the Community Health programs for the Crozer-Keystone Health System.

Gwen Smith 05

Smith’s passion for people stems from two principles articulated by Dr. Martin Luther King, “I am not all I can be until you are all you can be” and, “Our destinies are tied together, none of us can make it alone”.  Since 1979 Gwen has worked for the Crozer Chester Medical Center as a staff nurse, nurse manager and Director of Nursing.  Presently, she holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at Springfield Hospital and Vice President of Community Health for the Crozer-Keystone Health System.

Gwen holds a BSN from the University of Delaware, as well as, Masters Degrees in Health Care Administration, Human Resource Management and Business Administration.







Gwen says Dr. King’s vision has been the touchstone in her life.  “His words have driven me to excel and to help those around me to achieve their potential”.  That is why being in healthcare has been so fulfilling for me.

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