Stock, Securities, Life Ins, Real Estate, Bequests, Etc.

You can use almost any kind of asset to make a donation toward your favorite cause, or to establish a fund at DCCF, including cash, publicly traded securities, closely held stock, interests in limited partnerships and – with approval by the Board of Directors – real estate and tangible personal property.

Gifts of Cash:

DCCF accepts gifts of cash to support our General Endowment Fund, our Field of Interest Funds, or to establish a named donor-advised or organizational fund.

Gifts of Securities:

Stocks or bonds that are now worth more than when you attained them can also be used to make a gift to the Foundation or to set up a named fund. You avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the securities and also gain an income tax advantage.

Gifts of IRA Accounts or other Retirement Plans:

Simply name DCCF as the beneficiary of your plan. If you direct through your will that the balance of your retirement plan be distributed to the Foundation, you can also reduce estate taxes and income taxes. You can also redirect your distributions toward one of our existing initiatives in order to gain a tax advantage as well. However a RMD rollover may not be used to contribute to a Donor Advised Fund.

Gifts of Life Insurance:

You can donate your policy to DCCF and receive an immediate tax deduction (usually the amount equal to the cash surrender value); to do this, we require that you as donor of the policy continue to pay the annual premium payments through a gift to the Foundation, for which you will also receive a tax deduction.

Gifts of Closely-Held Securities:

A gift of closely-held securities can be an effective strategy to transfer ownership of your business while minimizing your tax liability.

Charitable Bequests:

You can make a bequest in your will for a specific amount, a particular asset, or a remainder interest. The bequest can become part of one of our existing initiatives or it can be used to create a named fund for unrestricted purposes or designated for your charitable interests.
Those giving planned gifts or bequests qualify for membership in The DCCF Legacy Society.

DCCF is also a recognized giving option for those who donate to The United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Contact our offices to discuss the possibilities at 610-892-8620 or

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